January Issue of CREATE Magazine

Hello dear Reader, I have been pretty quiet here lately I know, there have been lots of things going on for me at home and my scrappy life has taken a backseat to my kids and family needing me. I know that you will all understand how that can be when things get difficult.

Today however I have great news, the January Issue of Scrapbook Generation’s CREATE magazine is here!! I love the new format with an extended team and an awesome array of different ideas and inspiration. Much more to look through and with a variety of styles and ideas for different papercrafters.

Head over now to check it out, click on the image below to get there, I have a couple of layouts in this issue that I am really delighted to be sharing with you.

Layout 1

September issue of CREATE magazine!

I am a bit late with this one on my blog, but the September issue of CREATE magazine has gone up and it is a beauty! Find it here, I have a few layouts in it which I have included below.



This was my double page sketch layout, I say a few more words about it in the magazine, it was such a happy little moment to capture.

This one was using the tag sketch that is available to download for free from SG, I used it for a layout about my recent 10 year anniversary. Supplies for all my layouts came from the SG Store or my Gossamer Blue kits.


This last one is using the card sketch, it is my favourite layout in months and months, sometimes everything just works perfectly, you know? This includes the die cuts from Wilna’s store that I had laying around after making some projects for my guest post on her blog. They are so beautiful.

So these are just my projects, there are a tonne more!, Head over and read the latest issue of CREATE magazine here,

Stash Busting with Scrappy Canary

I was over at the Scrappy Canary blog the other day with a Stash Busting post all about ideas for using your 6×6 papers. I love to first use the 6×6 papers in the 1/2 pad in the September Strawberry Fields Pocket Life kit to create a project life layout, they are the best both for getting a wide range of colours and designs that all coordinate and because i feel quite free to layer and cut them to my hearts content. There are lots of pages and they are not as thick as cards, so they don’t get too bulky.

The only problem with 6×6 pads is that they are so many sheets that it seems like they build up in my stash really really fast before i know it and I want to get those beautiful papers in my scrapbooks and off the shelf, so here are 3 tips to help you do the same.

Tip 1: Mix them with the coordinating 3×4 cutaparts
In the September Penny Lane Scrapbook kit you get the lovely Shimelle cutapart sheet that matches the PL kit 6×6 papers, it is a breeze to create my PL layout with this little extra, and it doesnt stop there, all the cut aparts work well for layouts, cards and mini albums when mixed with the patterns and backgrounds of the 6×6 pad. It really increases it’s usability.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to use lots at once

The thing about having lots to work with is that you can use lots and not worry about running out, imagine this is the only layout you will create with the 6×6 pad and dont save any for another project, just use it with total abandon, there are lots of sketches online good for using 6×6 too, every Scrappy Canary sketch has been full of smaller peices that are great from the smaller prints in 6×6 papers.

Tip 3: Before you pack away, make another small project

Not every project needs to be a creative masterpiece, sometimes you can whip up a quick and simple project from the leftovers before you put them away in your stash. Here I mixed tip 1 (use a 3×4 cutapart with the papers) and tip 2 (use the paper with abandon) and I stuck 2 6×6 papers together to make an 8×6 canvas, folded in half to be a 4×6 card, no card base, just the 6×6 papers, and then added some embellishments from the September Penny Lane Scrapbook kit and Abbey Road Embellishment kit to make this quick, cute and versatile card for a birthday or any occasion.

I have used all by 4 sheets of my 6×6 papers now, so with 2 more cards I will busted that 6×6 stash, I just ran out of time to create those, but rest assured by the time you read this they have been created and I will have zero 6×6 papers left from my September PL kit. It was a beautiful paper pad and I really love every creation I made from it, including the cute boyish layout, fun girlish card and happy PL weekly spread!


Rock Courtship Release Day Blitz

rock courtshop release day blitz Hello my dear readers! Today I am taking part in the Release Day blitz for Nalini Singh’s latest novel, Rock Courtship. I have been enjoying her other novels, the Guild Hunter series and the Psy/Changling series and really I think she is a fun and engaging writer who I have been thoroughly enjoying which was why I elected to join this blog blitz! Today her latest book is released and I have a blurb below as well as a link to the giveaway! I love supporting someone a bit closer to home, Nalini comes from New Zealand, isnt that awesome? rock courtship cover


What happens when the Gentleman of Rock decides to play dirty? A drummer for the hottest rock band on the planet, David has a single, powerful weakness: Thea, the band’s publicist and the woman who steals his breath away with her every move. Only problem is, Thea doesn’t date clients—or musicians. Emotionally scarred by a cheating ex, she’s not about to risk her heart with a man who has groupies buzzing around him like flies. Even if his sexy smile ties her up in knots. What she doesn’t know is that David is a one-woman man…and he’s madly in love with her. David’s determined to prove he’s worth the risk, and willing to court her, step by exquisite step. Thea’s about to discover just how long and hard this handsome drummer can play.

I can share this giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Click here if that isn’t working for you. Finally I also have an except here ( link to another except at the end):

nalini bio

Excerpt: Rock Courtship (Book 1.5) A Rock Kiss Novel

“Beer—whatever you have on tap,” David said to the grizzled bartender and grabbed a stool, his eye on the rugby game in progress on the TV screen bolted above the bar. He’d hardly taken a sip of his beer, the dark liquid bitingly cold, when he felt a presence at his back. Instincts honed by a childhood in one of the toughest areas of New York had him focusing on the mirror behind the bar to check out the situation before he turned. A big, bald, and heavily muscled male with a spiderweb tattoo on his neck was standing behind and just to the side of David, a smirk on his pockmarked face. Belly heating, David turned with a slight smile. “Problem?” The bald man bared his teeth and, laughing, looked to a table to his right. “Hear that, boys?” he called out to his friends. “The pussy rock star here wants to know if there’s a problem.” Laughter and shouts from that particular table, while the rest of the men in the bar went quiet. David didn’t move, taking a measure of the players without letting it show. “Always know your opponent” had been one of the first things his father had taught him—Vicente Rivera didn’t believe in turning the other cheek; he believed in teaching his sons how to put bullies on the ground and keep them there. “Yeah, there’s a problem,” the bald guy said, shoving at David’s shoulder. “This is a real bar for real men. Not pussies.” Like that, then. Good. He was in the mood to do some violence. Lifting his beer, David took a long drink, then slammed it down… and punched Bald Head in the jaw at the same time that he kicked out with his foot to connect with the other man’s knee. The jackass went down like a ton of bricks. Roaring in rage, the man’s friends came at David. He grinned and started to show them what this “pussy rock star” could do. It wasn’t until they’d broken a table and several chairs, and the bartender had called the cops that David realized Thea would have to deal with the fallout from this. Fuck, fuck, fuck, he thought as he was shoved into a cell alone, his erstwhile opponents in the cell opposite. Sliding down the graffiti-marked wall to the floor, he thought about the phone call the desk sergeant had said he could make and decided against it. Fox had Molly with him—the band’s lead singer had been waiting for his girl to arrive since the instant Schoolboy Choir set foot in the city. As for Noah and Abe, they both had their own plans. He knew any one of the three men would drop those plans in an instant to come to his aid, but since the cops had made it clear he’d be spending the night in a cell no matter what, why mess up their plans? “You do or say anything that’ll hit the media, you call me. Day or night. I hate surprises—so don’t you dare surprise me.” Thea had given that order to all four of them when she’d agreed to act as their publicist. Her up-front nature and dedication to her job was part of the reason they’d hired her; Thea was the best and she didn’t take any shit from her clients. He wasn’t doing himself any favors by not calling her. Right then, David couldn’t find it in himself to care. It wasn’t as if she could hurt him any more than she already had. And Jesus, how long was he going to carry this torch that was burning him alive? “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he said aloud, banging the back of his head against the wall. Additional Excerpt can be found on Nalini’s website HERE

SG Blog Hop Winners!

Blog Hop Winner (sorry I got my mondays mixed and didnt realise this was due last Monday). These were all determined using Random.org
The winning commenter is from Lori’s blog
Commenter #2

justasiam September 1, 2014 at 11:58 AM
Gorgeous colour scheme…and a sweet little girl!

The winning blogger is Cassie

Thank you to everyone who joined in, I love these hops and I have looked enjoyed looking through the wonderful creations during lunch breaks at work and been so blown away, I think this was the best one yet. So much talent in here.

Don’t forget that everyone is welcome to join our Scrapbook Generation bloghops where we share our love of their sketches and encourage everyone to use them and enjoy themselves. Contact me if you want to be part of the December blog hop!

Week 33 – September Pocket Life Kit




Welcome September and a stunning Pocket life kit from Traci, I love these every month but this one is one of my all time favourites. Here is my week 33 using it in my most comfortable format, hybrid. Unfortunately the officeworks colour printer broke before they could print the stickers, so I made do without my fave embellishment but I am delighted with the result.

Tip: I printed the stamps out on transparency to be able to add them where-ever I wanted. I popped up the wood circle embellishments on pop dots to give them a bit of height.


You can get this awesome pocket life kit from Sweet Shoppe Designs tomorrow when it is released, I love this kit every time, it is such a bargain to get the bundle and you get SO much, it really will last you multiple layouts without ever using anything twice (though you could totally use them as many times as you wanted, the beauty of digi!)



Card Inspiration from Ruth using Bohemian and Gypsy

Hi TI am back on the Scrappy Canary blog with a couple of cards from the Bohemian, Nomad and Gypsy kits. I LOVE these bright colours and the stickers, ribbons and tapes were so fun I wanted to make something to share, so I whipped up a couple of cards from this month’s kits. The only think that was not in the kit was the circle punch and the die I used for the word happy.

Both cards are a technique partner to layouts I shared previously in the month, this first one is the same idea as my stash busting layout which was filled with punched hearts, though this time I pulled out my circle punch instead and because the patterns were quite busy and bright, I left them whole.

There are lots of awesome embellishments in the kits that work for cards as well as other projects like the little circle tags from Chic Tags that worked just beautifully as a sentiment for this card, which I plan to use for a birthday but could really use for any happy occasion that we are celebrating, wedding, baby, whatever!

This second card is a partner to my beloved stitched layout that I made with the Bohemian kit, you can see the blog post about that here. This is a super useful design which just uses patterned paper scraps to make an awesome card. It is a particularly good idea when you are getting to the end of your kit as all the paper will work well together, so having a few go-to ideas for using lots of scraps on a project is really handy. I think cards are often this kind of project for me, using the scraps and embellishments left on the table after I finish my layouts and project life. I know that’s not everyone’s style, but I do like getting double value from something that worked out well on my scrapbooking page!
You can find the BohemianNomad and the Gypsy kits in the Scrappy Canary store!

September Scrapbook Generation Blog Hop: Being a Kid Again

SG Blog Hop Header

Welcome to the Scrapbook Generation Blog Hop for September. If this is your first stop, you might like to start at the Scrapbook Generation blog and then hop through each link.

This month I am once again working on this older travel album that has been pre-prepared as double layouts with the photos and journalling awaiting me in each sleeve of the album. I highly recommend this as a way to get a larger story told, since it makes the creative part of the process very relaxing and yet there is so much story being told in each layout.


I used a kit and pulled out one of my favourite sketches from SG which lets me get a lot of different patterns onto a page all at once. I often use this one with 6×6 paper pads, as each square is 3×3 so you for a double sided page you get 2 of each pattern with nothing wasted at all, and with a double sided layout, that uses about half the pad. If you have used only half od a pad you really like and would like to feature it, this sketch is ideal.

The other thing I added to these layouts is some cut files from Wilna Furtenburg used to cut out wood veneer. Unfortunately these are not currently available as Twopeas has closed and that was where I bought the digital files from, but there are plenty of other frame products that would produce a similar effect like these transparent gold frames by MME or these chipboard frames by Maggie Holmes or these die cut frames by Fancy Pants Designs.

You can find the SG sketches in their books and as downloads in the SG store, and there is a free one every month in case you wanted to try it out. Next on the hop is Cassie, leave a comment on each blog and one lucky commenter will receive a free sketch bundle of their choice from the store.

The winner will be drawn on Monday, September 8th which leaves you one week to leave a comment.

In case you get lost at any point, here is the list all the blogs
Scrapbook Generation blog – http://scrapbookgeneration.blogspot.com/
Steffanie – http://steffanies.blogspot.com/
Ruth – << you are here >>
Cassie – http://allsmilesandsunshine.blogspot.com/
Devra – http://mycreativeview.blogspot.com/
TinaGale – http://tiggersscrapplace.blogspot.com
Lori – http://savingmine.blogspot.com
Lori S – http://loriannie670.blogspot.com
Katy Taylor – http://www.scrappinkaty.blogspot.com/
Cicily – http://www.pinkdalmatianscrapper.com
Corrina – http://anotherthingoffthelist.blogspot.ca/

If you would like to join the blog hop in December (we have them every quarter), then we would love to have you, shoot me an email or friend me on facebook and I’ll add you to our blog hop facebook group! The more the merrier!

Repeat and Repeat: Designing with repetition in Project Life

Hi, I am back on the Scrappy Canary Kit Club blog today, this time with my week 21 project life, this month I mixed my Day Trip PL kit with my embellishment kit and just a few extras from the scrapbooking kit, and one thing I noticed immediately was that I really loved some of the embellishments that we got more than one of and decided to channel a bit of Ali Edwards and embrace the repetition in my journalling, my embellishments and my designs.

Repetition is great in your layouts as it makes everything feel consistent and intentional. You know it all goes together since there is something the same that repeats across the whole double spread. There are lots of ways to use repetition in your papercrafts, my recent post about using your punches shows one variation, this is another. Here you see I used the very noticeable “hello” speech bubble twice on each page, each time for a different title on my card, they are “hello week 21″, “hello autumn leaves”, “hello school pick up” and “hello us”. The use of hello to tell my story is something that Ali has often done as an easy way to start the story.

Another repeated element is the heart punches, which were leftover scraps but which I used as negative space in this layout to create another repeated design element. There are hearts in the die cuts and that creates a triangle of hearts, top left, bottom right and bottom left.

Most of the repeated elements are in 3s across the layout, some of them are more subtle and some more obvious. The gold lettering is repeated on both sides, as are the stars in wood and enamel.

Here are the full pages for each side, I try to include loads of photos but also have a lot of creative play too.

Finally here is the full spread, you can still get this awesome project life kit, Day Trip, in the Scrappy Canary shop.


When Skies are Grey – When you LOVE the paper..

Hi, iI’m on the Scrappy Canary blog again today sharing a layout using the Bohemian Scrapbooking kit with a bit of the Gypsy PL kit too, one of my very favourites with all those bright happy colours!

This layout started from the paper, I just drooled over it and wanted it to be as much the hero as the photograph, they needed to sing to each other like the sky and the sea and after a lot of shuffling I came up with this pie-chart style page. Bernii was sitting next to me while I was making it and I credit her with the suggestion of the stitching which I think is the perfect finishing touch, thanks Bernii! :)

Here is the whole thing, I used lots of things in the kit, the stamp, a lot of the papers including using the paint stripes to make the bows, I need to add the date on the right hand side in the blue enamel frame, but I forgot to do it before I photographed this. There might be one of these kits still in the scrappy canary store, but I would be quick as I dont see how it will last, this has to be one of my favourite kits of all time!

The second layout I am sharing today using the Bohemian kit is extremely light on the patterned paper by contrast, I used a white cardstock base and then used the paint striped paper in the kit to make a “messy without getting messy” layout. I was really drawn to the paint stripes paper and too a while to figure out how to make it work for the layout I had in mind.

I trimmed the paper into individual colours and then cut them at various lengths and attached them to a fresh piece of white card stock to make it appear as though I had painted the lines where I wanted them to frame my photo and embellishments.

I used the rest of the paint strips to die cut out the bows in the first layout, I know that you can tell if you look closer that the paint is on another layer of paper, but I love the way the colours work on the page, along with those flashes of gold in the title and stickers.

You can find the Bohemian kit for sale in the Scrappy Canary store, I promise you will have a ball playing with this fab kit, the die cuts and transparency are so fun and the gold is so fun!